Friday, March 21, 2014

The way time goes.....


Time gone well right?
And while time changes everything also done OK (i hope).
Over a years, i was in the college then i worked at Japanese company, and this now..
I finished my college and graduated last year on nov exactly, and who knows i have been engaged to the man that i never met before in the same month i graduated. Gosh, i wrote here. Oh november was my favorite month!
This how times changed! We grewup, we ate some sweets, we talks more with strangers, we known others. And yaaa we have our way to life for.
I begun my story. So many things happened.
And always say thanks Allah, i even learned much now.
The way i sad, the way i breathe, the way i life, the way i grownup, and everything.
I spent much time, works at company, loving a guy, hope our plan going well, marry a man i loved, have a childs someday, become a parents, pay a school for our childs, let them grow up well, give them advices, and yaaah let it happen as well as we want...
And this is the time changes.......


Monday, April 9, 2012

From Zero To Hero

Assalammualaikum beautiful,

Its been long time no write, sorry for my bad :) been so busy this time.
Hang on, my phone just ringed... Emm, hey its my "mine" yup i called him: mine (read mi-nek *Indonesian*, melayu especially hahahha it's funny).. He is my boyfriend...
His named is deden :) oh, i feel shy :p
He the one who supported all my activity in HSC lately, he's kind, friendly, funny man, and also handsome, thats why i like him (now).. *wish gonna be love someday*
Even that he maked me anger too much time, because sometimes he have been hard to adviced..

Oke, lets leave him a while.. I just want to share about my first "big meaningful memory" on Grand Launching HSC Ptk :) my second life :p here's the pics:

[Grand Launching HSC Ptk]
Began from Grand Launching HSC Ptk, its actually my first time been interviewed by one of "local newspaper" and guess what, its a big full picture there, on one page... Whoaaah, its shocked me at that time :D I dunno what to say, which it pleasure or shy or anything else... here's the pics:

[on Tribun Pontianak]

[on Tribun Pontianak "HSC Ptk"]
Based on my story on that newpaper, then i have had too many calls on my number, its ringed all the time, too many called want to get more information about my "second life" (HSC Ptk) yup my HSC :)
And here they are, we just been more famously, what a proud thing to say :)

[on KTV]
Began from newspaper, then a radio, and the last TV Programme :)
Thanks for all of crews who worked hard lately and also the cooperations...

xo revi

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


HSC Pontianak with Dian Pelangi, Lulu El Hasbu, and Fitri Widjayanti

Stuck in the elevator

At Mempawah City, Lunch
They are: my superidol, my superstar, my superinspiration. Salute to Dian Pelangi, Lulu El Hasbu and Fitri Widjayanti
A perfectly moments we're created only in 2 days at GrandLaunching HSC Pontianak
From the moment we;re stuck in the elevator and unforgettable moments of other.
Wish we'll meet again someday :)


Friday, December 9, 2011

A Perfection of Hijabi Community

Assalammualaikum beautiful :)
Alhamdulillah, what we're planned now could be exist in the society..

[HSC Pontianak]
Plans to establish a community of hijab has been implemented and has been approved by the HSC, based in Palembang, only waiting for the launching ..
Uh, I'm not wait for the launching ..
This will be a big community in my town, because of persistence of each member which initially only consists of 4 people only, but has now been increased to 5 because winda sartyka who just joined the meeting following the umpteenth time ..
We of course still expect prayer, advice and assistance of all readers, so that everything can be realized smoothly, amin ..

Thaks for all people i love, xo Revi

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our (me and friends) Project


[Hij-Up Pontianak]

Assalammualaikum Beautiful..
This idea originated from Sherly .. 
And formed an idea to make the event "HIJAB CLASS"
We (me, Sherly Astriyani, Tan Irfanty and Dila ) plans to conduct a small event "hijab class" in which four of us to act as a tutor (speakers) ..
We plan to present six different hijab styles, so that can be utilized by participants in their daily lives ..
We also provide a contact who can be contacted to inquire further about this little project..

You can follow twitter:

In addition, we also plan to form a community of headscarves in Pontianak ..
I hope that our plans can go according to the plan, we also asked for prayers from all the readers ..
Thanks for reading :)

xo Revi

Friday, June 10, 2011

Learn From The Expert


Well, ini tulisan aku yg ke berapa dan berbahasa Indonesia...
Seenggaknya, sedikit nasionalis yah :D
Ini bukan soal zaman kemerdekaan atau apalah sejenisnya..
Cuma lgi kepingin aja, ternyata Indonesia punya banyak bibit unggul loh... Sesuai dgn judul aku hari ini "Learn From The Expert"

Ya, kemarin aku ikut talkshownya Raditya Dika.. Pada tau kan siapa dia... He is a Creative Writer. Ternyata dia pendek loh, dan sumpah lucuuu minta ampun deh..
Dan dari segala kekonyolan dia di depan, cerita pengalaman sedih, hura2, dan serem yg ga begitu2 serem menurut aku, aku belajar...
Bahwa untuk menjadi permata indah harus melewati tahap tempa yg amat sangat berat..
Dia berbagi pengalaman saat dia mulai menulis sebuah buku karangannya dari cerita hidup konyol dia sendiri yg ternyata ke 25 bukunya yg terbit hanya di beli oleh mamanya sendiri, pengalaman dia melihat segala kejadian dari sisi uniknya dan bercerita ke dalam blog kesayangannya...
Sampai pengalaman SOK nya dia yg kini menjadi Creative Writer paling favorit dan paling terkenal di mata remaja-remaja zaman ini..

Intinya, dia berpesan. Jgn pernah takut dikritiki orang lain karna dari kritikan-kritikan pedas itulah kita termotivasi untuk menjadi yang lebih baik, Jgn pernah menjadi pengikut tapi jadilah seorang yg menciptakan hal baru dan buatlah diri kalian sendiri nyaman dan menikmati apa yang sedang kalian lakukan baik itu menulis di blog, mencoba peruntungan menjadi penulis just like him atau hal-hal lain :D

Kuliah dulu ah... See ya soon..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pashmina Tutorial *2nd

Okay, this is my second Hijab tutorial....

All you need is:

- Pashmina (headscarf)
- Headband
- Some pins
And check this tutor out::