Friday, December 9, 2011

A Perfection of Hijabi Community

Assalammualaikum beautiful :)
Alhamdulillah, what we're planned now could be exist in the society..

[HSC Pontianak]
Plans to establish a community of hijab has been implemented and has been approved by the HSC, based in Palembang, only waiting for the launching ..
Uh, I'm not wait for the launching ..
This will be a big community in my town, because of persistence of each member which initially only consists of 4 people only, but has now been increased to 5 because winda sartyka who just joined the meeting following the umpteenth time ..
We of course still expect prayer, advice and assistance of all readers, so that everything can be realized smoothly, amin ..

Thaks for all people i love, xo Revi

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our (me and friends) Project


[Hij-Up Pontianak]

Assalammualaikum Beautiful..
This idea originated from Sherly .. 
And formed an idea to make the event "HIJAB CLASS"
We (me, Sherly Astriyani, Tan Irfanty and Dila ) plans to conduct a small event "hijab class" in which four of us to act as a tutor (speakers) ..
We plan to present six different hijab styles, so that can be utilized by participants in their daily lives ..
We also provide a contact who can be contacted to inquire further about this little project..

You can follow twitter:

In addition, we also plan to form a community of headscarves in Pontianak ..
I hope that our plans can go according to the plan, we also asked for prayers from all the readers ..
Thanks for reading :)

xo Revi