Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our (me and friends) Project


[Hij-Up Pontianak]

Assalammualaikum Beautiful..
This idea originated from Sherly .. 
And formed an idea to make the event "HIJAB CLASS"
We (me, Sherly Astriyani, Tan Irfanty and Dila ) plans to conduct a small event "hijab class" in which four of us to act as a tutor (speakers) ..
We plan to present six different hijab styles, so that can be utilized by participants in their daily lives ..
We also provide a contact who can be contacted to inquire further about this little project..

You can follow twitter:

In addition, we also plan to form a community of headscarves in Pontianak ..
I hope that our plans can go according to the plan, we also asked for prayers from all the readers ..
Thanks for reading :)

xo Revi

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