Monday, April 9, 2012

From Zero To Hero

Assalammualaikum beautiful,

Its been long time no write, sorry for my bad :) been so busy this time.
Hang on, my phone just ringed... Emm, hey its my "mine" yup i called him: mine (read mi-nek *Indonesian*, melayu especially hahahha it's funny).. He is my boyfriend...
His named is deden :) oh, i feel shy :p
He the one who supported all my activity in HSC lately, he's kind, friendly, funny man, and also handsome, thats why i like him (now).. *wish gonna be love someday*
Even that he maked me anger too much time, because sometimes he have been hard to adviced..

Oke, lets leave him a while.. I just want to share about my first "big meaningful memory" on Grand Launching HSC Ptk :) my second life :p here's the pics:

[Grand Launching HSC Ptk]
Began from Grand Launching HSC Ptk, its actually my first time been interviewed by one of "local newspaper" and guess what, its a big full picture there, on one page... Whoaaah, its shocked me at that time :D I dunno what to say, which it pleasure or shy or anything else... here's the pics:

[on Tribun Pontianak]

[on Tribun Pontianak "HSC Ptk"]
Based on my story on that newpaper, then i have had too many calls on my number, its ringed all the time, too many called want to get more information about my "second life" (HSC Ptk) yup my HSC :)
And here they are, we just been more famously, what a proud thing to say :)

[on KTV]
Began from newspaper, then a radio, and the last TV Programme :)
Thanks for all of crews who worked hard lately and also the cooperations...

xo revi

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


HSC Pontianak with Dian Pelangi, Lulu El Hasbu, and Fitri Widjayanti

Stuck in the elevator

At Mempawah City, Lunch
They are: my superidol, my superstar, my superinspiration. Salute to Dian Pelangi, Lulu El Hasbu and Fitri Widjayanti
A perfectly moments we're created only in 2 days at GrandLaunching HSC Pontianak
From the moment we;re stuck in the elevator and unforgettable moments of other.
Wish we'll meet again someday :)