Friday, March 21, 2014

The way time goes.....


Time gone well right?
And while time changes everything also done OK (i hope).
Over a years, i was in the college then i worked at Japanese company, and this now..
I finished my college and graduated last year on nov exactly, and who knows i have been engaged to the man that i never met before in the same month i graduated. Gosh, i wrote here. Oh november was my favorite month!
This how times changed! We grewup, we ate some sweets, we talks more with strangers, we known others. And yaaa we have our way to life for.
I begun my story. So many things happened.
And always say thanks Allah, i even learned much now.
The way i sad, the way i breathe, the way i life, the way i grownup, and everything.
I spent much time, works at company, loving a guy, hope our plan going well, marry a man i loved, have a childs someday, become a parents, pay a school for our childs, let them grow up well, give them advices, and yaaah let it happen as well as we want...
And this is the time changes.......


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